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Off The Ground!

How the Mountain from the Molehill Started....

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How the Mountain from the Molehill Started....
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You Know How It Started...


2002 Coleman Utah


Coleman Sedona 2000-

We went tent camping for the very first time the summer of 2001...

.....and although we bought a top of the line blow up mattress, it just wasn't my "cup of tea". Too unorganized, too uncomfortable and just not the experience I had hoped it to be.


This is all four of us on the shore of Lake Awosting in southern NY. We were tent camping at a Jellystone Campground nearby.

This was the trip that convinced me to go after a pop up camper.

Since then, we sold a 1992 Dodge Dakota Club Cab (our first tow vehicle) and bought a beautiful Chevy Astro Van. Unfortunately, that van got totaled on 2/11/2002, two days after we brought home a brand spanking new 2002 Coleman Utah! We're now in the process of getting a GMC Safari delivered to us.

My Background

I like the outdoors, a lot! I like to garden and, as a family, we love to hike and bike. So when I found some great biking trails in southern New York, it made sense to stay over night to get the most out of our biking experience. Camping seemed to be the economical way to go, over a motel room.

Well, I liked the savings but not the "ammenities". We started talking about campers while we were at the campsite, so Blaise knew, one was going to be parked in front of the house shortly.


This is our former tow vehicle with our four Schwinn's on top. We were at Campersville in central Vermont on Columbus day weekend. Yes, that's snow and frost on the leaves on the trees...