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Camp Food

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It Ain't Just Hot Dogs and Hamburgers!

     My sister Gina LOVES to cook- at home and camping. Since she purchased her Cheyanne, we have camped together several times and we love to go to town on the meals. We try to plan menus ahead of time and then combine our resources.
     Gina's significant other, Sam, is an excellent fisherman, as well as a huge outdoor enthusiast. Both he and Gina catch and we cook!
     Our new food battle cry is, "We have cherries and brandy!! Go to it!!!"

Fresh Blueberry Pancakes

...with camp made strawberry-blueberry syrup

I had taken a pint of blueberries with us for the weekend of camping at Corning for the wine fest. Sunday morning, I decided the pancakes needed a kick so I added some to the batter. Then I figured that you can't eat maple syrup on blueberry pancakes, so I took some strawberry preserves, added a bit of water and warmed it to cook it down to syrup. Then I added some crushed fresh blueberries. The results were fantastic!

freshly caught crawfish

Crawfish caught in the Otter creek in Vermont. We put them in water, along with a variety of spices to cook them.

peppers and onions

Above- peppers and onions to be served with beer brats on soft rolls- easy and great meal.

Cooked Crawfish

Cooked Cajun Crawfish- we had these with a red pepper sauce and some rice pilaf.

Shrimp and vegtable Kabobs

For the 4th of July, my sister Gina marinated shrimp, mushrooms, onions and cherry tomatoes and then we all put our own kabobs together and cooked them over the fire. YUM


Skillet salmon with onions and mushrooms.

Steak and Grilled veggies

Two nice steaks merinated in balsamic vinegar, olive oil, teryaki, garlic and oregano for several hours. Grilled over hot coals and served with grilled peppers, onions and tomatoes. Awsome!

Blackberry Pancakes

These look alot like the pancakes above but they are a little different. I made these from ripe blackberries picked at 4 Mile Creek State Park. The blackberries were as big as my thumb! We must have picked two pounds worth. I boiled down a bunch with sugar and made a nice syrup to go on them.

Old Orchard Beach- August 2009

HAD to have lobster while in Maine. Jocelyn didn't relish the idea of my having to boil the live ones at camp so we went to a seafood place and they boiled up two for us. They were a nice addition to a meal of country spareribs and fresh local corn.


salmon served with baby carrots cooked with brown sugar and butter and fresh local sweet corn

Below- Pie Iron pie with cherries and blueberries