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Off The Ground!

Camping 2004

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Camping 2004
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Trips Planned for 2004

.......if we can dig out ontime....


Lake Luzerne, Memorial day, 2004
Moreau State Park, NY- July 2-5, 2004
Ferenbaugh Campground, Corning, NY- July 13-18, 2004 (NYS Wine Festival at Watkins Glen)
4 Mile Creek State Park, NY- August 17-22, 2004
Lake Luzerne, Labor Day Weekend, 2004

Lake Luzerne, May 2004

Lake Luzerne 2004
First trip of the year! It was a rainy night and we headed in for a game of Uno- well, some of us played Uno.....I know Blaise was tired because he had come home to seal the driveway. The dog- well, I have no idea why he was so tired.

Moreau Lake State Park- July 4th, 2004

Moreau Lake State Park- site 73. Nicely wooded and private. great biking/hiking trails within the park.


Ferenbaugh Campgrounds, Corning- very muddy this year- way too much rain. The camper sank into the mud and was vbery difficult to park and get out. Thanks to Scott for yanking it down to dry ground for us when we left!

4 Mile Creek State Park, New York

Site 285 at 4 Mile Creek State park- great grassy site- huge! Had electric hookup. We could have fit another 4 campers on this site. Great spot!

Lake Luzerne- Sept. 2004

They obviously found some muddy trails....

We're going to try to take fewer, but longer trips this year and get some work done on our home and on the camper.